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No New Posts Basic Information
Welcome to A Touch of Paradise! If you're interested in knowing more about our game, how it runs, and how to fully immerse yourself in Regency London and the world of Jane Austen, this is your starting point! Inside you'll find our rules, premise, plot information, a member guide, and even additional info about member groups and how to work with JCink functions.

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No New Posts Announcements
Announcements and updates can be found here. We encourage all members to keep an eye on this forum! Changes in gameplay, rules, staff, board organization, and a general schedule for moving time along and plot shifts will be discussed here. Feel free to comment and ask questions!

2 0 Dec 23 2015, 01:31 PM
In: Happy Holidays!
By: Adana
No New Posts Member Services
Come here for all your member service needs! We offer feedback, advice, and help with characters, plotting, coding, and figuring out how to immerse yourself into the game. We also have a suggestions topic, and whenever a new skin is introduced, a separate area to post any iffy things that might happen (usually across different browsers than the skin creator's). If you need some mod assistance with deleting posts, archiving topics, etc, visit the Moderation Request topic within!

3 0 Dec 2 2015, 10:00 PM
In: What Character Should I Make?
By: Adana

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No New Posts Registration
Once you've read our rules, are up to date with the plot, and have fleshed out a basic concept for a character in your head, your next stop: character creation! You can find the current character application right here, with the option to post a work-in-progress app, or to do so only after you've completed the whole thing. We also offer a free-form app as well as a questionnaire and a traditional version! All app styles come in a bbcode and a dohtml version.

Subforums: WIPs, Completed, Pending, Claims

12 76 Dec 31 2015, 02:28 AM
In: Hetfield, Buffy A.
By: Buffy Hetfield
No New Posts Want Ads
If you have a specific character you want made, whether it's a detailed idea or just a general concept, post that request here! This is also where you can find our canon list, full of characters from the novels of Jane Austen. Keep in mind: PBs are first come, first serve with no reserves for requested characters (except for canons!), so try to be flexible with your general appearance preferences.

6 15 Jan 1 2016, 11:51 PM
In: Canon List
By: Becca
No New Posts Character Database
After the somewhat daunting process of getting your profile accepted in the Registration forum, you'll be pleased to know that those profile applications will be moved within. Apps will be categorized according to class in their own sub-forums within. All profile apps that are rendered inactive after activity checks will be moved to the archives area.

Subforums: Aristocracy, Gentry, Bourgeoisie, Commoners, Labourers, Paupers

13 28 Dec 24 2015, 12:58 AM
In: Darcy, Elizabeth
By: Becca

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No New Posts Plotting
Once your character has been stamped with approval from a staff member, now starts the fun - plotting! Whether it's plotting for a site-wide event or plot, or recruiting other characters for some personal fun and in-character drama, plotting can be a highly useful resource. Whatever your style and preference, all plotting takes place in this forum.

Subforums: Upper Classes, Middle Classes, Lower Classes, Events & Misc

11 30 Dec 26 2015, 05:10 PM
In: -- gossamer wings & fad...
By: Clare Braithwaite
No New Posts Development Tools
It often behooves us to take the time and get a little organized! Inside, you can create your own tracker, post character timelines of events, or even do a little digging into your character's mind and life in order to flesh them out more. If you're really feeling adventurous and up for the challenge, we highly suggest that you check out our Character Challenge sections, as well!

Subforums: Trackers, Timelines, Character Development, Character Challenges

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No New Posts Matchmaker, Matchmaker
An excellent option when you have an unmarried character looking for a prospective spouse - especially when you can't seem to find anyone desirable (or deserving) in your own hometown! Our matchmaking system will pair individuals together based on a system that includes class, wealth, and personal preferences, allowing characters to immediately enter an exclusive courtship, even when never formally introduced before. If all things work out, the couple will soon be engaged and married!

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No New Posts The Written Word
If your character can read and write, this would be where all those little tidbits are stored. Diaries and journals can give a unique insight into the head of your character, while letters sent and received can be awesome in getting to know someone (especially in secret). Notes, articles, calling cards, poetry - anything that can be written from your character's point of view can be posted within.

Subforums: Journals, Letters & Notes, Other Written Things

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No New Posts Current Events
Geared more toward the social aspect of town life, this forum serves mostly as a sort of reference to vicious gossip, scathing rumors, outrageous pamphlets in circulation, dry articles from the local newspaper, and updates on what the celebrities (i.e. royals and nobles) of the time are doing. Life isn't easy - but it certainly can be entertaining! You can also find more specific information about the outcome of social events, and even create/spread rumors about your rivals.

Subforums: The Chronicler

4 0 Dec 7 2015, 08:19 PM
In: Article Submission
By: Adana

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No New Posts Rout at Mrs Olmbeck-Higgins'
Stoke near Meryton, Herfordshire
3 March 1813

A ball is being held at the Stoke estate, hosted by Mrs Olmbeck-Higgins in hopes of forging new contacts and generating more matchmaking possibilities for herself and her charges. Anyone of aristocratic, gentry and bourgeoisie backgrounds may attend, especially if single and looking for a mate, but all must arrive in full evening dress. Doors will open at six, all guests will be expected to greet the hostess in the waiting room promptly, followed by dancing, and dinner will be served promptly at 10, upon which time the doors will close. Cards may follow dinner, and all will be sent home by midnight.

2 1 Dec 14 2015, 05:31 PM
In: 50 Per Cent Off Sisters
By: Liana Courcel
No New Posts Lady Day Planting Festival
Village Green, Belfield
20 March 1813 (Saturday)

Traditionally a time to renew rents, contracts, leases and employment agreements, Lady Day also serves as the local planting festival in Belfield! The Village Green will be set up with tables featuring seeds and sprouts of various plants, open to trade, view or purchase, and anything gardening or farming related will be well conversed. A wooden dance floor and live music provides entertainment, as well as moderate food and refreshments. This event is open to all classes, though the most snobby and proper may want to avoid mixing with the lower classes.

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No New Posts Belfield
A quaint scenic village in the country of Hertfordshire, nestled near Bluemont Brook and located about a mile away from Meryton, this village is home to many commoners and genteel persons alike who wish to live a life of simplicity away from the taint of Bath or London. With a Village Green serving as the central focus of this community, winding dirt roads lead through blackberry patches, a grove of apple trees, and to the surrounding farmlands and manorlands.

Subforums: Village Green, Grand Bend, Feeley Avenue, Burrfield Road, Farmlands Near Belfield, Manors Near Belfield

2 4 Dec 14 2015, 08:50 PM
In: News of the Most Wonderful ...
By: Fitzwilliam Darcy
No New Posts Harendon Woods
Located southeast from the village of Belfield, past several miles of winding farmlands and manor houses, Harendon Woods offers the nearest source of local hunting and trapping. Part of the Bluemont Brook actually extends down and through the Harendon Woods, offering a perfectly suitable source of water for many of the wild animals here, and is a local hotspot for trapping and hunting. The woods are often filled with genteel individuals in August, the most fashionable time for hunting; but though Harendon Woods is a local popular destination, it is not the most fashionable among the upper classes.

Subforums: Clearing, Wooded Bluemont Brook

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No New Posts Meryton
Dirt pathways lead to the quaint storefronts in the town of Meryton. There is a general sense of hustle and bustle as patrons make their way from shop to shop, checking their lists to make sure nothing is forgotten for their journey home! Military men are currently stationed here, making the local pub full of eligible men!

Subforums: Nomansland Common, High Street, West Meryton, East Meryton, River Lea, Farmlands Near Meryton, Manors Near Meryton

1 1 Dec 16 2015, 07:14 PM
In: Loving and Living
By: Matilda Fitzroy
No New Posts Around Hertfordshire
While Hertfordshire has an ancient history, with the occupations of Romans before the fall of Rome and several of its ancient settlements even appear in the Doomsday Book, Hertfordshire has become extremely popular with the genteel and aristocratic crowds because of its location to nearby London. Many wealthy and fashionable types are renting and buying up the country houses in the area, making Hertfordshire in turn boom economically.

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No New Posts Kympton
Description goes here.

Subforums: Farmlands Near Kympton

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No New Posts Lambton
Description goes here.

Subforums: Manors Near Lambton, Farmlands Near Lambton

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No New Posts Great Britain & Ireland
Consisting of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and several islands of the coast of these places, this is a catch-all forum for all topics that are located in other areas within Great Britain and Ireland.

Subforums: England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland

1 3 Dec 27 2015, 12:01 AM
In: A most horrifying occurrence
By: Fitzwilliam Darcy
No New Posts Abroad
From the Americas to the West Indies, from Europe to Africa, and any other location outside of the British Isles - it all takes place here!

Subforums: Europe, The Americas, The West Indies, East Indies

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No New Posts The High Seas
Upper class society members as well as militia men may be privileged enough to embark on a journey across the High Seas. If your character is fortunate enough to take on a quest across the oceans, proceed with caution! All threads pertaining to travel on the High Seas can be found inside here!

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No New Posts OC Topics

3 2 Jul 12 2015, 05:48 PM
In: Event Claim
By: Adana

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No New Posts Leave of Absence
Sometimes, real life gets... well, real. If you need to take a break from us, don't leave members hanging - make sure to let everyone know within! Warning: neglecting this may cause your character accounts to be deleted after activity checks!

2 6 Dec 24 2015, 11:35 AM
In: -- busy, busy, busy!
By: Adana
No New Posts Chat & Games
Want to introduce yourself, talk about random stuff, or play a few board games? Good! You've come to the right place. These sorts of endeavors allow us all to bond as a community - and participation is greatly encouraged!

Subforums: Introductions, Games!, Austenites United

3 2 Dec 17 2015, 12:04 AM
By: Georgiana Darcy
No New Posts Coding & Graphics
If you're amazing at coding character templates, requests, posting templates, or anything else, or perhaps you've a knack for creating beautiful graphics such as avatars, signatures, or custom images for codes, consider offering your services to the board! We're sure there are plenty of members who would greatly appreciate your talent!

Subforums: Templates, Graphics Requests, Coding Requests

1 4 Jul 11 2015, 05:55 PM
In: Michelle's Graphic Shop...
By: Elizabeth Darcy
No New Posts Advertising & Affiliation
Our advertising and affiliation forum is dohtml enabled, allows both types of bbcode for centering, and allows guests to both view and post images. This is the only place you may advertise on the forum.

Subforums: First Link, Link Back

142 7 Oct 17 2016, 10:00 AM
In: Time Won't Forget
By: Shiver

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